Mulch- give your garden that finished touch!

Mulch is an organic protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, suppress weed growth and provide a “finished” look to the garden. It will also serve to reduce the soil pH as it breaks down.

Mulch installation tips:

  • Pull all weeds from garden beds prior to installing mulch.
  • Apply roundup to any small weeds that remain.
  • Redefine edges of garden beds by digging down 2-3″ so mulch remains in beds after installation.
  • For maximum longevity Perfect Barrier Mulch should be installed at a minimum of 3 inches deep.
  • Do not apply mulch directly to the base of any trees, shrubs, etc. as this will promote rotting of your plant material.
  • Once it is installed, smooth the mulch with a leaf rake in order to create a beautiful evenly mulched garden bed.
  • Enjoy the beauty of your yard longer before replenishment.

Indoor & Outdoor Ceramics

We always carry a wide variety of ceramic pots and planters to accommodate all of your indoor and outdoor landscape needs. Our ceramics are made by hand in a high-fired kiln and glazed with a thick coat of vibrant colors and can therefore take the direct sunlight we get here in the Turks & Caicos Islands for many many years without fading.

For the past 7 years we have traveled to Asia in order to hand pick the ceramics that we sell here on Provo. Our suppliers use traditional methods when producing these ceramics and over the years we have developed a very good relationship with them. Below is a picture showing how the ceramic pots are shaped by hand.

When it comes to decorating the interior or exterior of your home, these ceramic pots and planters can help to we create contrasts in color and really refresh your existing decoration. As well as supplying pots and planters we also carry many interesting statues and shapes all made with the same quality and colors as the pots.