The Buccaneer Palm

Buccaneer Palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii)
The endangered buccaneer palm is rare and stately, but requires patience to grow.

The rarest of the 4 palms that are native to the Turks and Caicos is the buccaneer palm. It is not grown often in landscape nurseries because it takes so long to grow, sometimes putting on only one leaf each year and taking ten years to turn into anything saleable. However here at Sunshine Nursery we have a wide selection of collected buccaneer palms and some that we have started from seeds many years ago. Below is a picture of our larger buccaneer palms:

The buccaneer is an endangered native to the Turks and Caicos and to a small area of the Florida Keys, Cuba, Hispaniola, the Bahamas and Eastern Mexico. It is drought tolerant, salt and wind tolerant and grows in well-drained, nutrient-poor soils. It can be planted near the ocean and thrives in alkaline soil which is why it does well here since the ground is very alkaline.


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