Mulch- give your garden that finished touch!

Mulch is an organic protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, suppress weed growth and provide a “finished” look to the garden. It will also serve to reduce the soil pH as it breaks down.

Mulch installation tips:

  • Pull all weeds from garden beds prior to installing mulch.
  • Apply roundup to any small weeds that remain.
  • Redefine edges of garden beds by digging down 2-3″ so mulch remains in beds after installation.
  • For maximum longevity Perfect Barrier Mulch should be installed at a minimum of 3 inches deep.
  • Do not apply mulch directly to the base of any trees, shrubs, etc. as this will promote rotting of your plant material.
  • Once it is installed, smooth the mulch with a leaf rake in order to create a beautiful evenly mulched garden bed.
  • Enjoy the beauty of your yard longer before replenishment.

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